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In any abusive relationship, the children are the ones greatly affected. We would like to provide an extensive support for these victims.


Our vision is to see that the Children coming out from these abusive relationships develop into contributing citizens to the community as opposed to the current scenario where they become a liability because of the trauma that they carry.


We believe that the children affected in these situations needs the most help and support from organizations starting from Trauma Therapy, Skill Building until Emotional Independence to become mature and responsible individuals in the society.


We have heard time and again that majority of the liabilities in our society stemmed out from an abusive family. They grew up to think in such a twisted way that no one can fix it already. We would like to go to the root cause of all these and straighten out the effects of domestic violence.

Your help to cover their therapy sessions, bridge education gaps, and provide them tools to ensure that as they grow, the abuse they have witnessed will not haunt them is important. Our children needs you!

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