When you feel stuck and don't know where or what to do next.

When the past keeps following you and it haunts you even if you try your best to shove it away!

When stress and anxiety (even depression) is lurking in the corner.

Join our circle guided by Dr. Neelam Rai who is a 3rd Generation Spiritual Teacher and former Corporate Finance Expert.  She is multi-passionate and brings a wholistic approach to be Happy and Successful! She is an International Best Selling Co-Author, featured on Guinness World Records and various Wellness & Spiritual Summits.

After each session, you will be released from stress and negativity.  If you are in business or even as an employee, you will be able to connect to your higher purpose and receive guidance for healing, prosperity, and transformation. 

Join our monthly virtual meet via Zoom and get  The 5 Step APRIL Success Technique™

You will not only be stress-free or trauma-free but you will also experience wealth!

It is time to invest in yourself! It is time for a NEW you!

Happy, Loved. Wealthy.