Domestic violence is the biggest social problem facing America today.


It is among the most devastating experiences that adversely affect women and children in the US. Children who witness or experience Domestic Violence may become future abusers or victims themselves if society does not get involved. Studies show that living with domestic violence can cause physical and emotional harm to children and young people in the following ways:


      ongoing anxiety and depression

      emotional distress

      eating and sleeping disturbances


Domestic violence is a major contributor to the ill health of women. It has serious consequences on women's mental and physical health, including their reproductive and sexual health. These include injuries, gynecological problems, temporary or permanent disabilities, depression and suicide, amongst others.

There are numerous organizations helping worldwide.  However, most victims are staying in the abusive relationship because they are financially dependent on their abusers. They are even cut-off from family and friends because abusers have an agenda to isolate their victims from these support systems so that they can continue with their abuse. 

With House of Helping Hands, we provide skills training and guaranteed job placement for the survivors of domestic violence.  This would enable them to support themselves with their children and finally break free from their abusers.  Our support groups also serves as a fresh start for them especially if they have lost contact with their long time friends because of isolation.  Most of the people participating in our groups find long lasting friendships and thereby easing the pain and trauma they have experienced.